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Working in all kinds of jobs like selling newspapers, working in hotels, M.P. Balakrishnan’s story is the true definition of rags to riches. Working his way up the rungs of life through sheer perseverance and hard work he has created a legacy, and continues to do so to this day. Ask him what got him to this position that most people only dream of? And he simply blames it on discipline and persistent hard work. This is not hard to see in his daily routine, he shows up at work at his sprawling office at the heart or the city at 8:30am everyday, Sundays included. Observing him from a distance you can clearly see the immense attention to detail and quality of service, he personally conducts quality checks to many of his cars before they reach the customers and is in a restless frenzy until the car and the neatly dressed driver make it's way through Chennai traffic and at the same time in the other major cities and towns that Bala Tourist Service operates in. He is adamant that the staff picks up calls from customers within the first ring, you should try it, It's true! It's really a show of what it takes to be the best and needs to be experienced for one to believe. Today he works alongside his son, Pradeep & together they have taken the business to new heights.


Nearing 50 years of exemplary service the duo and their team were the recent recipients of the National Award for best Tourist Transport Operator in a felicitation chaired by the President of India. After an illustrious career spanning 65 years Balakrishnan breathed his last in February 2020, leaving the business in the able hands of his long-time partner and son B. Pradeep.